CityVille 2 Tiger Habitat: Everything you need to know


While a Tiger Habitat might be the last thing that seems to fit in a metropolitan city, all CityVille 2 players are now being encouraged to build just that inside their city's limits. This event comes by way of Helena, who wants your help in raising some tigers that she can use for unknown purposes. We're here with a complete guide to the Tiger Habitat and its three quests, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright

  • Place 1 Tiger Habitat in your City

  • Collect from Restaurants 5 Times

  • Gain 10 Reputation Hearts

If you're just logging into the game after a long time away (say, a full day or overnight period), you'll likely have five restaurants that are already ready for collection, but if not, keep advertising them (keep clicking on them) until you eventually complete this task. As for the Tiger Habitat, it costs 1,500 coins to purchase in the market and then requires plenty of building materials to actually finish.

The Tiger Habitat requires eight Builders, four Scrap Metal, four Hammers, five Foundation, 10 Reputation and five Tiger Trainers to complete. These items can be earned by either visiting friends or asking your friends to send them to you. In some cases, items like the Builders can be earned by tending trucks that drive around your city. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive six Meat Mixes.

Eat, Prey, Love

  • Have 5 Tiger Costumes

  • Gain 5 More Pure H2O

  • Gain 10 Tiger Chow

Both the Tiger Costumes and the Pure H2O are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. As for the Tiger Chow, this can be crafted inside the Tiger Habitat (but only after its construction is complete, of course). You'll need Pure H2O and Meat Mixes to create Tiger Chow, which can then be used to feed your Tigers to help them grow. Again, this is completed inside the actual Tiger Habitat, and you'll get to name your Tiger as an added bonus.

Changing Stripes

  • Have 10 Zoo Guides

  • Tend a Tiger Habitat in 3 Neighboring Cities

  • Get 1 New Adult Tiger

The entire point of this event is to gain nine different kinds of adult Tigers, which allows you to eventually unlock Flying Tigers. In order to create an Adult Tiger, you'll need to continue feeding it Tiger Chow using Meat Mixes and Pure H2O, and your progress will be timed. You'll have five days to feed a Tiger as much as possible, and the final type of Adult Tiger will vary depending on how much you ultimately fed it and how much it weighs as a result. For instance, a Tiger weighing between 350 pounds and 599 pounds will be one of three Tigers: Sabertooth, Night or Blue.

As for the Zoo Guides, these are earned by simply asking your friends to send them to you, and you can likely find Tiger Habitats in the highest level cities you currently have access to, since those friends are likely incredibly dedicated to playing the game. For completing each of these quests, you'll receive more and more Meat Mixes to create Tiger Chow, and it's always possible that more final Tiger versions could be released in the future. For now, just work on receiving the nine originally available Tigers so that you can unlock the three Ultimate Flying Tigers as a final bonus! Good luck!

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