FarmVille Santa's Sleigh 2012: Everything you need to know


Last year, FarmVille players were given the chance to build and upgrade Santa's Sleigh on their farms in an effort to earn more presents for their Holiday Tree. Since the Holiday Tree has once again been released for 2012, so too has Santa's Sleigh, giving new players a chance to get in on the fun, or even allowing veteran players to have a second sleigh on another farm (for example, if they haven't unlocked the Mistletoe Lane shipping license yet).

Santa's Sleigh can be placed for free when logging into your farm, and it can be built in stages using (at first) GPS units, Silver Bells and Holiday Lights. All three of these items are earned by sending out individual requests to friends, asking them for help. These items will get you through Stages 0-3 of Santa's Sleigh, but Stages 4-6 require a new trio of items: Milk and cookies, Reindeer Treats and Holiday Cheer.

There are six upgrade stages in all, and we're here with a breakdown of each, thanks to Zynga. Please note that everything from 0-8 of each item is called Stage 0.

Stage 1

  • 8 GPS

  • 8 Silver Bells

  • 8 Holiday Lights

Stage 2

  • 10 GPS

  • 10 Silver Bells

  • 10 Holiday Lights

Stage 3

  • 14 GPS

  • 14 Silver Bells

  • 14 Holiday Lights

Stage 4

  • 18 Milk and Cookies

  • 18 Reindeer Treats

  • 18 Holiday Cheer

Stage 5

  • 24 Milk and Cookies

  • 24 Reindeer Treats

  • 24 Holiday Cheer

Stage 6

  • 32 Milk and Cookies

  • 32 Reindeer Treats

  • 32 Holiday Cheer

Remember, you can purchase these items for Farm Cash if you'd like to complete Santa's Sleigh without waiting, but you unfortunately can't find any of these parts inside Special Delivery Boxes (that would apparently be too convenient). Once you start building Santa's Sleigh, you'll be able to collect free holiday gifts from it to place inside your Holiday Tree, which can be opened on December 24. Good luck completing Santa's Sleigh before that date!

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What do you think of the return of Santa's Sleigh? Are you willing to rebuild this item that you may have already built last year? Sound off in the comments!