FarmVille Bloom Mastery Billboard: Everything you need to know


If you've fallen in love with Blooms in FarmVille, you've likely accumulated dozens of Bloom Mastery Signs that are cluttering up your farm, or filling up your Gift Box. If that's the case, you now have a new place to put those Mastery Signs, as the Bloom Mastery Billboard has finally arrived on our farms.

This Bloom Mastery Billboard works similarly to other Billboards, in that you'll need to collect building materials to build and upgrade it. The first stage of construction requires eight Green Tape, eight Yellow Paper and eight Purple Rollers to complete. Unfortunately, none of these are available in Special Delivery Boxes as of this writing, so you'll need to either purchase them with Farm Cash or wait for your friends to send them to you. In that case, all three items are earned by sending individual requests to your neighbors for help.

When this first stage is complete, you'll be able to store Bloom Master Signs within the billboard, and will be able to upgrade it to hold more over time. Each upgrade requires more building ingredients than the last, and they will change the overall look of the Bloom Mastery Billboard as you complete them. We'll make sure to update this space when we learn the specifics about each level of the Bloom Mastery Billboard, but for now, starting collecting these building materials with the help of friends today!

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What do you think of this Bloom Mastery Billboard? Do you work on mastering Blooms as much as you do Trees or Animals? Let us know in the comments!