CityVille Polar Bear Rescue: Everything you need to know


If you liked features like the Alien and Whale Rescues in CityVille, you'll love the new Polar Bear Rescue feature that has just rolled around to our cities. This feature sees a Mama Polar Bear being separated from her babies. We'll need to expand our cities in order to reach the lost babies and reunite the family before it's too late. We're here with a guide to completing this feature, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Icy Solution

  • Have a Level 2 Iceberg for Mama Polar Bear

  • Reunite Mama Polar Bear with One Cub

  • Ask friends for 12 Polar Bear Scarves

First things first, the Polar Bear Scarves are earned via a general news post placed on your feed. Meanwhile, the Iceberg must be placed in the water within your city's limits, and it can be upgraded by collecting parts via the help of friends. For instance, the first part you'll need is a bundle of 12 Snow Shovels. These can be earned through yet another general news post on your feed.

Once you've completed one stage in the Iceberg upgrade, you'll need to wait for 24 hours for the next level to unlock so that you can continue. As for the babies, you will need to expand your city to reach them one at a time. They're out in the water outside of your city, and you may need to expand two or more times to reach a single cub. Expansions are earned in the traditional way, by adding citizens to your town and asking your friends for Zoning Permits. This makes this feature a pretty lengthy adventure, unless you've expanded out to the majority of the water on the game board already. For the record, completing this first goal gives you 200 XP and 50,000 coins.

Cold and Cuddly

  • Collect from 10 Polar Bear Buildings

  • Reunite Mama Polar Bear with 2 Cubs

  • Have a Level 4 Iceberg for Mama Polar Bear

The Polar Bear Buildings are items like "Frigid Frosties" business and Bearington Estate home. Both of these cost coins, while other options are available in the store for City Cash. When you finish this goal, you'll receive three Bonus Crew Members and 350 XP.

Warm Reunion

  • Ask friends for 20 Polar Sleds

  • Have a Level 7 Iceberg for Mama Polar Bear

  • Reunite Mama Polar Bear with all four Cubs

The rewards for completing this final goal are 10 energy and 500 XP. Remember, you'll need to expand out to each cub individually, but if you don't see a cub on your game board, it's possible that it could be found in your inventory, since you had already expanded "too far" for this feature to activate normally. Good luck completing these three goals in your city!

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What do you think of this lengthy Polar Bear Rescue event? Have you already expanded to the full game board in CityVille, or will this series actually pose a challenge for you? Sound off in the comments!