CityVille Holiday on the Lake Saga Act 1: Everything you need to know


CityVille's holiday event has rolled out in full force, giving players the chance to complete three Acts of goals in a "Holiday on the Lake" saga. Only Act 1 is available at the beginning, but we're here with a complete guide to finishing it off and getting you started! Let's go!

Chilled Perfection

  • Apple Snow Theme

  • Upgrade the Giant Holiday Tree

  • Build 6 Snow Buildings

  • Collect from 75 Neighbor Residences

Deviating from the norm, this goal has four tasks to complete, but the Snow Theme might be completed for you already when you login (it was for us). As for the Giant Holiday Tree, it starts out rather small, but can be upgraded by collecting three each of Green Tree Lights, Orange Tree Lights, Purple Tree Lights, Blue Tree Lights and Yellow Tree Lights. These are earned via a combination of general news feed posts and requests sent directly to your neighbors. You'll also need to collect five Holiday Tree Stands, which are earned by collecting from "Snow Buildings" that can be purchased in the store. Items like the Holiday Cookie Bakery and Kringle Crafts businesses are available for coins and fit into that category.

For the Snow Buildings task itself, this is actually different than the Snow Buildings used for the tree upgrade, and you have a lot more options here (some of which cost City Cash). In terms of coin items, you can build a Winter Clocktower, Angelic Apartment and much more for coins, with most items being rather affordable. When you complete this goal, you'll receive five energy and 1,500 Goods.

Festive Friends

  • Ask friends for 24 Holiday Stamps

  • Collect from Locomotive Lori Routes 12 Times

  • Harvest 50 Crops

The Holiday Stamps can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed. Meanwhile, the Locomotive Lori routes are those that cost 600 coins and take eight hours to return with Goods. Finally, the crops requirement doesn't list anything specific, so feel free to plant a short growth time crop if you want to get this one out of the way quickly. For finishing this second goal, you'll receive two Bonus Crew members and 300 XP.

Lost Yeti

  • Expand to the Yeti Cavern

  • Ask friends for 15 Yeti Foot Prints

  • Collect from 50 Snow Buildings

This Snow Buildings requirement is the same as that of the first goal, giving you the chance to work on multiple tasks at once. As for the Yeti Foot Prints, these are earned via another general news feed post, so make sure to play the game on when you want to post these kinds of requests, as you can rely on the help of strangers as well as friends to finish them off. Finally, the Yeti Cavern will be found outside your city, and you'll need to expand to reach it. If you don't see it in your main city, it's likely that this Cavern is found in your Lakefront expansion. When you complete this first Act in the Holiday on the Lake saga, you'll receive 100,000 coins and 5 Zoning Permits.

By this point, if you've finished all three goals in the first Act (you can work on all three at once), you'll also receive the Super Snow Fort as an overall reward. There are still two more Acts of goals left to be released, all leading up to the grand prize of the Winter Skyrise, so stay tuned for more on this event!

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What do you think of this new three-part saga in CityVille? Have you been able to complete any of the sagas that were released in the game before this, or do they always disappear before you can complete them? Sound off in the comments!