SimCity Social 'Snow Time' Quests: Everything you need to know


The Winter and Christmas season has come to SimCity Social via the launch of a lengthy "Snow Time" quest series, which will see players being rewarded with a Giant Holiday Tree if they can complete the entire event before it expires. We're here with a complete guide to finishing all three portions of this Snow Time event, thanks to the game's official forums.

Greedy Gobblers

  • Build the Ski Rental Business

  • Order Chase's Turkeys 3 Times

The Ski Rental Business costs 23,000 Simoleons to purchase in the store. It requires five energy to build, along with four Business Cards, two Business Savvy and one Teamwork. As for the Turkeys task, this can be finished on an Animal Farm by simply clicking on one and selecting "Order Turkeys for Chase." Completing this first quest gives you 1,000 coins, three XP and the base of the Ski Slopes.

Fowl Play

  • Build the Ski Slopes

  • Launch a Holiday Turkey Burger

  • Dress Up Chickens

The Holiday Turkey Burger task can be completed in a Burger Joint, while the Chickens task is once again completed on an Animal Farm. As for the Ski Slopes, this is an incredibly large item that you might need to rearrange your town for. Whatever the case, you'll receive a Big Idea for completing this quest.

Elfy, Wealthy, and Wise

  • Have a 1-Star Ski Slopes

  • Collect from the Ski Rental Business

  • Build the Elf Academy

The Elf Academy can be purchased in the store for 190,000 Simoleons. This expensive item is a business that pays out 2,020 Simoleons every 19 hours at its basic level. As for the Ski Rental Business, it's available to collect from every seven hours. This is the final quest in Part One of the Snow Time series, and you'll receive 5,000 Simoleons for finishing it off.

Part Two - 1

  • Have a 1-Star Ski Rental Business

  • Install Chair Lifts at Ski Slopes

  • Have X-Rays

First things first, you'll be able to install the Chair Lifts on the actual Ski Slopes item in your town. As for the upgrade to the Ski Rental Business, it requires eight Business Cards, two Trust, three Tour Guides and two Groundskeepers to unlock. After that, you'll need to spend 200 Materials per click until its upgrade bar has been filled. You'll receive three Fury for completing this quest.

Part Two - 2

  • Send a Train

  • Sell 5 Tickets for the North Pole Express

  • Have a Lump of Coal

The Train and North Pole Express tasks can obviously be finished at the town's Train Station, while the lump of Coal is earned at random by building holiday-themed buildings or by visiting friends' cities. This is part of the "Send Letters to Santa" feature which is mostly unrelated to these quests, so keep that in mind. You'll receive 10,000 Simoleons for finishing this quest.

Part Two - 3

  • Have a 2-Star Ski Slope

  • Have 3 Harmony

  • Give Out 5 "Free Stuff"

The second upgrade to the Ski Slope requires eight Ticket Stubs, six Foam Fingers, six Holiday Snapshots and three Tour Guides to unlock. Once you've unlocked it, you'll need to spend 7,300 Simoleons and 1,830 Materials on each click until the upgrade bar is full. Meanwhile, you can work on the Free Stuff task, which can be completed at the Ski Rental Business in your town. Completing this quest gives you 5,000 Simoleons. This quest marks the end of Part Two in this Snow Time event, but there's still one more trio of quests to complete while they're available.

Part Three - 1

  • Build a Snowman

  • Visit 3 Neighbors

  • Have Nice Chocolates

The Nice Chocolates look to match the Lump of Coal above, in that they're used in the Letters to Santa event, and can be earned by visiting your friends' towns. As for the Snowman, this small decoration is available to purchase in the store for 1,200 Simoleons. He offers a +8 population boost to your town's homes. For finishing this quest, you'll receive 2,500 Materials.

Part Three - 2

  • Have a 1-Star Elf Academy

  • Build a Snow Castle

  • Collect from the Christmas Decoration Factory

The 1-Star Elf Academy can be unlocked by spending four Community, two Trust, four Tour Guides and five Animal Mascots. After that, you'll need to spend 1,270 Materials per click until the upgrade bar is full. As for the Snow Castle, this is another incredibly expensive item in this holiday theme, as it costs 380,000 Simoleons to build. Finally, the Christmas Decoration Factory costs another 90,000 Simoleons to build, and has a payout of 400-600 Materials every 12 hours. Finishing this lengthy (and expensive) quest gives you 7,500 Materials.

Part Three - 3

  • Have a 3-Star Ski Slopes

  • Host the Ultimate Snowball Fight

The third upgrade to the Ski Slopes requires five Souvenirs, three Harmony, two Unity, one Expression and six Animal Mascots to unlock. From there, you'll need to spend 7,960 Simoleons and 1,990 Materials per click to fill its massive upgrade bar. After that task is done, you can use your newly upgraded Ski Slopes to host the Snowball Fight, which is the last task in this entire Snow Time event. You'll receive 10,000 Simoleons for finishing this final quest, along with the Giant Holiday Tree that can be placed in your town.

Again, the time limit for completing these quests is incredibly short (far too short for most players), as you'll have just seven days as of this writing to finish everything off. It's unlikely many players will actually be able to finish these quests, but here's to bestowing some holiday luck upon you.

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What do you think of this large Snow Time event? Do you think you'll have time to complete all of these quests within the seven day time limit? Will you even attempt to finish them, or do you already feel defeated by its strict and expensive requirements? Sound off in the comments!