FarmVille 2 Holiday Tree Part 1: Everything you need to know


Christmas has come to FarmVille 2 in a big way, as players can now place and build a Holiday Tree on their farms over three complete stages and weeks of events. So far, only Part 1 of this Holiday Tree event is available to complete, but it gives you plenty to work on while we're waiting for more.

First things first, the Holiday Tree can be placed for free when you login to your game. It has two building stages, starting with an item collection task. You'll need to collect eight Tree Stand Screws, eight Ornament Hooks, and eight Metal to finish it off, with all three of these items coming by way of individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. Once that's done, you'll need to ask four friends to come and "decorate" the tree as staff members within it.

After the first stage of the tree is entirely build, you can work on decoration quests to give it some pizzazz. Each individual quest corresponds to a type of decoration on the tree, and each of the three weeks in this event has four quests to complete. By completing all of the quests in a single week's row (as seen below), you'll win an individual gift for your farm, starting with a lovely decorated lamp post. While completing all 12 quests will give you a fully decorated tree, completing all 12 will also give you the exclusive Winter Clydesdale Horse that's only available via this event.

Again, each ornament or decoration has a different quest, and we'll work on bringing you a complete guide to each of Week 1's four quests as soon as we can. Keep checking back for more, and good luck!

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What do you think of this large Holiday Tree project on our farms? Do you think you'll be able to complete the 12 quests in this event before they expire in a month? Sound off in the comments!