CoasterVille Cheats & Tips: Build outside your park to save space


While you might think that the original park size in CoasterVille is large enough to last most players at least a few weeks, once those parks start to fill with massive roller coasters and pathways, the land size we've been given runs out pretty quickly. Thankfully, all players have access to land that they might not know about outside of their actual park, that's accessible from the very beginning without any expansions.

This land is located across the street from the road that's outside your park. If you look outside the park gate, you'll find a small strip of land that glows relatively bright green, indicating that you own it (pictured above). Once you know this land is there, it's easy to spot, but if all of your focus is placed on rides and attractions inside your park, your in-game camera may never actually show you that this land is there.

Once you locate this stretch of land, you can start filling it with items like the Goods Emporium, Annual Pass Office, or any other functional building that you might not think fits with the look of your park. They'll function just the same, since they're connected to the road outside of your park, but your actual park regains all of that land space that they used to take up.

It's simple tricks like this that will keep your park growing and going strong long into the future, so stay tuned for more!

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Did you notice that this strip of land was available for building, or are you just realizing it's there now? Will you fill it with items, or just use it for decorative purposes? Sound off in the comments!