7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Very Weirdest Friends

Presents weird
Presents weird

Is there anything more hackneyed than the gift guide "for the friend who has everything"? Every year around Christmas time, the internet resounds with lists offering unusual tchotchkes, from artisanal handmade iPhone cases to bizarrely complicated bits of tech goofiness to unnecessarily luxurious accessories like crystal-encrusted ear buds and sterling silver drinking straws.

It's almost as if the authors of these various guides are simply looking for an excuse to drag out the weirdest, strangest presents that they can imagine, all under the pretense of helping you buy a gift for your most irritatingly hard-to-please friend.

At DailyFinance, we're doing away with the pretense. Rather than pretend we're suggesting gifts for your unimaginably wealthy friend who has little or no taste, we're going to admit that these are the most bizarre gifts we could think of. But even if you don't have a weird, hard-to-please buddy, you might still want to take a look. You might find some gift-giving inspiration -- and after all, it's never too late to start a weird wish list of your own!

Happy holidays!

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