7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Very Weirdest Friends

Presents weirdIs there anything more hackneyed than the gift guide "for the friend who has everything"? Every year around Christmas time, the internet resounds with lists offering unusual tchotchkes, from artisanal handmade iPhone cases to bizarrely complicated bits of tech goofiness to unnecessarily luxurious accessories like crystal-encrusted ear buds and sterling silver drinking straws.

It's almost as if the authors of these various guides are simply looking for an excuse to drag out the weirdest, strangest presents that they can imagine, all under the pretense of helping you buy a gift for your most irritatingly hard-to-please friend.

At DailyFinance, we're doing away with the pretense. Rather than pretend we're suggesting gifts for your unimaginably wealthy friend who has little or no taste, we're going to admit that these are the most bizarre gifts we could think of. But even if you don't have a weird, hard-to-please buddy, you might still want to take a look. You might find some gift-giving inspiration -- and after all, it's never too late to start a weird wish list of your own!

Happy holidays!

Seven Gifts for Your Weirdest Friends
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7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Very Weirdest Friends

Sure, it's fun to put together thousand-piece puzzle of the Eiffel Tower or a bunch of kittens in a basket. But if you want a real challenge, why not move on to one of the biggest puzzles of all -- a human body! The Evolution Store offers real-life disassembled skeletons to help you practice your anatomy, but if you aren't a doctor, it may be hard getting the permit to buy one. Luckily, there's an option for the rest of us: For $380, the company also sells a full-size replica of a human skeleton, ready for you and your loved ones to assemble. Let's see now ... "The knee bone connected to the thigh bone ..."

Kate and William's child will be third in line for the British throne, so it will be a long time -- if ever -- before the royal tot will get to wear the crown. But if you've got a friend who is in a rush to take his or her place among the blue bloods, getting a title doesn't have to be quite as much of a challenge as marrying a prince and giving birth to a royal heir. For $197, Regal Titles will declare you the Duke of Detroit, the Baron of Baltimore, or any number of other titles. These positions are probably not worth much more than the paper they're printed on; then again, as Regal Titles' owner Stephen J. Scott asserts, with a little strategy and a bit of luck, they might get you moved up from coach to first class!

Most of the presents on this list tend towards the pricey end of things, but there's always room for a weird homemade gift or two. If you don't have a lot of money, but still want to give your loved ones something a little off kilter, why not try making a big batch of George Washington's egg nog? All it takes is cream, eggs, sugar, milk, and enough booze to float a frigate. The recipe is available from "The Old Farmer's Almanac," although -- as the site notes -- while our first President was explicit about the need for "Jamaica" rum and rye whiskey, he was less precise when it came to number of eggs you should add. Personally, I went with a cool dozen.

The days of cowboys and iron horses are long over, but just because you can't travel back to the nineteenth century doesn't mean that you can't carry a bit of it in your pocket. If you have a friend who yearns for a world where dentistry was brutal and baths were optional, why not give him a brothel token? For just $3, replicas of novelty coins that were once used to advertise houses of pleasure (and in some cases, as currency therein) make great keychains, poker pieces or conversation pieces.

Photo: Sarah Wulfeck, Flickr.com

There's one in every crowd: The friend who constantly complains about his or her weight, but just can't get rid of those last few pounds. To help out, you might consider giving him or her an anatomically correct model of a pound of human fat. Pre-attached to a plate, it's the perfect size for putting in the middle of the dinner table, where its grim, baleful visage will warn your loved ones of the consequences of that extra pat of butter. For another $6.80, you can even up the ante with a 1-ounce replica that is attached to a magnet. Perfect for the fridge!

Every wanted to meet Jimmy Buffett? How about the Rolling Stones? For a cool million dollars, you could probably book these two -- or a host of other famous acts -- to play your pal's birthday, Christmas party or Fourth of July get together. And if your finances are a little thinner, don't despair: For as little as $10,000, you can book Bowser from Sha-Na-Na, and at just $7,500 Skid Row's Sebastian Bach is an incredible bargain!

Do you have that friend who seems like he or she just doesn't belong on planet Earth? Well, for a mere $1.4 billion, you might be able to send him or her to the moon -- and go along for the ride! The Golden Spike Company, a commercial space venture, is looking for a rocket-full of cash and a few people who want to visit Earth's nearest neighbor. They plan to use commercially-available rockets and spacecraft, but the company would design its own spacesuits and landers. Still, for anybody not in the top half of the Forbes' 400 List, paying for the flight would be as out of reach as that ball of rock orbiting 238,900 miles away.


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