Celebrate The Sims FreePlay's first birthday with these fun stats [Infographic]


While we've already done a bit of celebrating for the Sims FreePlay's first birthday, via our exclusive interview with producer Todd Hutchinson, EA is still celebrating the occasion by releasing a set of stats concerning the game's first year of life.

Since the game's launch on December 15, 2011, over 15 billion minutes have been played across the entire gameplay community. Players have created 4.5 million couples (with less than a 4% divorce rate), and two million babies have been born in the game. To put that into perspective, around four million babies are born in the US each year.

What's more, players harvest 30 million gardening plots, consume 250,000 cupcakes, bake 2,000 birthday cakes, and order 10,000 drinks in the nightclub each and ever day! For more stats, including those about Woohoos, romances and more, check out the full infographic below. Are you ready to help the game live its second year? You can now download it for free on iTunes.

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What do you think of these stats from the Sims FreePlay? How many minutes and hours do you think you've invested in the game? Let us know in the comments!