War Commander maker Kixeye invades the north with Canada studio

Kixeye Canada
Kixeye Canada

Kixeye is on war path, so to speak, on several fronts. When the creator of Facebook strategy hits like War Commander isn't in legal slap battles with the biggest in social gaming or dealing with its own internal issues, it's expanding. The developer has announced that it has opened a brand new studio in Victoria, British Columbia known simply as Kixeye Canada.

"Victoria is exploding with engineering talent and is one of the largest tech hubs outside of Silicon Valley, especially for game companies," Kixeye Canada GM Clayton Stark said in a release. "It's also consistently ranked among the most beautiful cities in the world, and we're setting up KIXEYE Canada right along the inner harbor at Bastion Square. For developers, it doesn't get any better than working on projects they're super passionate about, and having an incredible amount of fun while doing it."

Stark is an ex-Zynga fellow, leading development there after his social browser company Flock was acquired by the gaming giant back in 2010. Now, following the launch of Kixeye's Brisbane, Australia studio, Stark will lead the development of new games for the hardcore social game maker. Will one of those be that full-3D game we keep hearing about? One can dream.

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