ChefVille It's So Dairy Good Quests: Everything you need to know


If you've ever thought that you didn't have enough to do in ChefVille, that has surely changed this week, via the launch of not only a series of Real California Dairy quests, dishes and ribbons, but also via the launch of a Milk Truck upgrade and a series of five "It's So Dairy Good" quests in our restaurants. We're here with a look at these new quests (which will only be available for the next nine days), thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

The Dairy Show

  • Upgrade the Milk Truck

  • Craft 2 Ranch Dressing

  • Tend 6 Milk Trucks at Neighbor's Restaurants

The Milk Truck upgrade requires two each of Butter Boxes, Milk Markers, Mozzarella Moulds and Cheese Crates, which are earned via a combination of general requests on your news feed and individual requests sent to friends. Once you upgrade the Milk Truck the first time, you'll be able to collect two ingredients from it at once. This will be one Milk and one other random ingredient from a pool of Milk, Mozzarella and Unsalted Butters. You'll receive three Broccoli, two Parmesan Cheese and 10 XP for completing this quest.

Ginger Snaps

  • Serve 2 Garden Salads

  • Serve 6 Broccoli and Dip

  • Ask for 8 Snappy Jackets

The Snappy Jackets can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed. As for the cooking tasks, both of these dishes can be prepared on the Salad Station. The Garden Salads take 12 hours to complete, and require four Mixed Greens and two Ranch Dressings each to cook. Meanwhile, the Broccoli and Dip can be cooked using one Broccoli and one Ranch Dressing. It takes just two minutes to prepare. You'll earn two Cheese Sauces, 15 XP and 15 coins for finishing this quest.

Lane of Milk and Milk

  • Upgrade the Dairy Truck

  • Harvest 6 Butter from the Dairy Market

  • Cook 2 Calzones

The Dairy Truck can be upgraded yet again into a full blown Dairy Market. This process requires three Dairy Displays and three Bovine Bowls, with each of those coming from general news posts placed on your wall. You'll also need to collect three Sale Signage and three Cow Calculators, which can be earned via individual requests sent to neighbors. Once this Dairy Truck has been transformed into the Dairy Market, you'll receive one Milk plus another two random ingredients each time you collect from it (like more Milk, Mozzarella or Unsalted Butter). As for the Calzones, these are prepared in the Brick Oven using one Tomato Sauce, one Dough and one Mozzarella Cheese. They take six hours to prepare. When you finish this quest, you'll receive two Cow-themed Walls, one Cheddar Cheese and 15 XP.

Get the Curd Out

  • Craft 6 Dough

  • Serve 6 Cheese Pizzas

  • Give 4 Chef's Services with Caprese Salads

Each Dough can be prepared on the Mixer using two Flour and one Milk each, while the Cheese Pizzas are prepared on the the Brick Oven. You'll earn three Unsalted Butter, two Parmesan Cheese and 15 XP for completing this quest.


  • Cook 10 Times with Mozzarella

  • Give Out 6 Roses

  • Collect 10 Shopping Totes

You'll need to ask your friends to send you the Shopping Totes, while roses can be given to VIP customers only if you actually have roses in your inventory to give. If you're full on recommendations, you might have difficulty actually getting customers to ask for roses, so try not to fill up on roses before you get to this quest if you can help it. For finishing this final quest, you'll receive three Fontina Cheese, 25 XP, and 30 coins.

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