Zynga throws a hootenanny in your pocket with Party Place on mobile

Party Place iOS Android
Party Place iOS Android

We already a good deal about Zynga's answer to The Sims FreePlay on iOS, Party Place. Now, you can experience it first hand that the game has launched on iOS and Android in the U.S. and abroad. Available for free on both platforms, Party Place lets players throw their own party in a fully customizable house with your real-life friends (asynchronously, we imagine).

According to an announcement on the Zynga blog, Party Place players can create their own avatar with its very own persona (i.e. sassy, glamorous, risque and more) and style. Players can then decorate their home to their taste, throw a bash, clean it all up, rinse and repeat.
Party Place also seems to have a drama system in which players can earn "party mojo" by causing drama one way or the other, as in making out with party goers or fighting with them. Frankly, Party Place looks like a cross between The Sims FreePlay by EA and Zynga's own YoVille. If that entices you, then click away on the links below.

Click here to download Party Place for Free on iOS and on Android here Now >

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