Elements Battle combines RPG with match three on Android


A few years ago, the world of match-three puzzle games was tossed on its head with the launch of Puzzle Quest, a game that combined traditional match-three gameplay with a full battle system against a variety of opponents in a fantasy land. While a version of Puzzle Quest is already available on mobile, it's not free, which is where Game Insight's newest Android title, Elements Battle, comes into play.

Elements Battle follows a young disciple on a lengthy journey to recover lost artifacts at the command of his master, Director Fiaryntus. Throughout the game's 100 quests, players will enter into match-three battles with symbols representing water, fire, air, and earth. Each element has its own special abilities that players will unlock as they progress.


Outside of battle, players will outfit their characters with armor, weapons and other items that will raise defense or attack stats, or simply help them stay in the game longer. While Elements Battle is technically free to play, it is supported via the use of premium currency which can be used to purchase additional items in the store. We'll have a complete look at Elements Battle in the coming days, but for now, if you're ready for some RPG / match-three action on your favorite Android device, you can now download the game for free on the Google Play store.

Click here to download Elements Battle on Google Play >

What do you think of Elements Battle? Were you a big fan of Puzzle Quest games in the past? How do you think this one compares? Sound off in the comments!