The Saga continues for Candy Crush and Bubble Witch on Android

Candy Crush Saga android
Candy Crush Saga android

Really, it was only a matter of time. But luckily for you Android gamers out there, has finally brought both Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga to Android phones and tablets for free. As with the iOS versions of these mega popular social games, both puzzlers track players' leaderboards, scores, progress on the map and goods purchased via Facebook Connect.

"Making Bubble Witch Saga and Candy Crush Saga playable across Facebook, iOS and Android is quite a significant milestone for We're fulfilling a promise to our users who want to play their favorite games whenever and wherever they want," CEO and co-founder Riccardo Zacconi said in a release.

As a result of its success on Facebook and mobile, Zacconi plans to nearly double the team over the next year. The UK-based casual and social game maker has two games in the top 25 on Facebook, thanks to its Saga strategy that takes its existing casual games on its own platform and applies a social layer to them.

Frankly, it's through this that has grown to become one of Zynga's only true competitors. But how long will it be before is forced to release new, different kinds of games on Facebook and mobile as the landscapes change? That's uncertain, but here's what is: There will always be someone looking to just match things on a board.

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