Never Buy Gift Cards at Full Price: 7 Places to Find Them Cheaper

Gift Cards
Gift Cards

With the holiday shopping season rapidly counting down, shoppers will increasingly give up on finding the perfect gifts and instead buy gift cards for their loved ones. Yet while many of those shoppers will pay full price for gift cards, you shouldn't, because discounts are everywhere.

The convenience and ease of gift cards has made them increasingly popular, both for givers and gift recipients.

A recent study of affluent consumers showed that nearly half the women surveyed and almost a third of men wanted gift cards or cash to spend as a holiday gift. A separate American Express (AXP) survey pegged the figure for women at closer to 60 percent, with gift cards for retailers and restaurants topping the wish list.

From the retailer's perspective, gift cards are a gold mine. They get cash right away for their cards, but they don't have to deliver the goods until the cardholder comes in and makes purchases -- months or even years in the future.

That advantage is one reason you can almost always track down discounts on gift cards. Here are several places to look:


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