CoasterVille: Add community neighbors to make progress fast


While many of Zynga's most popular games can be played with strangers and friends alike on, there are still a few games that aren't available on Zynga's actual website, like the company's newest game CoasterVille. While CoasterVille will launch for play on in the coming weeks, players that are looking to make the most of their time in the game can now add themselves to the community neighbors pool.

Similar to the FarmVille Friends feature, as an example, CoasterVille's community will allow players to add strangers as friends within the game without actually adding them as a Facebook friend, therefore retaining their personal privacy. If you decide to allow yourself to be seen by these "strangers," you'll be able to send and receive gifts between them, and you should even be able to visit their theme parks once the game syncs the fact that you've become neighbors.

While playing Zynga's games on will likely always be better than using these sorts of features, it's especially nice to be on the lookout for these community neighbors in CoasterVille now, in order to make more progress while waiting for your friends to play the game with you. Don't worry though, once Zynga unleashes CoasterVille cross-promotions across its other games, it's unlikely any of us will be playing alone for long.
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What do you think of CoasterVille on Facebook? Have you already started making progress in Zynga's newest "building" game? Let us know what you think of the game so far in the comments!