Retro Unicorn Attack is Robot Unicorn Attack sans Erasure (sort of)

Retro Unicorn Attack
Retro Unicorn Attack

Well, at least the song is there in spirit (i.e. MIDI form). Adult Swim Games and PixelJam have released a new version of Robot Unicorn Attack on the games portal for the adult-themed cartoon program. It's essentially the same game you've come to adore, but with gloriously retro (think super early NES) visuals and sound. Hence the name Retro Unicorn Attack. Basically, it's a new reason to keep playing Robot Unicorn Attack.

This is the fifth iteration of Robot Unicorn Attack, following a mobile version, one for Facebook, a heavy metal take and even a Christmas-themed revision. Like Kotaku points out, maybe Adult Swim is beating a dead horse. But this horse is actually a unicorn--a robot unicorn, to be exact--and unicorns never die ... or something like that.

Look, we don't need a good reason to tell you to play this game. It's Robot Unicorn Attack, only newer. Just give it a solid five minutes, have a chuckle or two and move on with your day. You'll be glad you did.

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