FarmVille Extinct Animal Zoo: Everything you need to know


FarmVille's many animal collectors have a new feature to dive into this week, as the Extinct Animal Zoo is now available for building on our farms. This Extinct Animal Zoo will see players collecting various fossils over time to create new extinct animals, in what might be yet another in-game nod to Jurassic Park. We're here with a look at the Extinct Animal Zoo, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

The Extinct Animal Zoo can be placed for free via an in-game pop-up, and it requires 30 building materials to build. You'll need to collect 10 Meteorites, 10 Broken Thermometers and 10 Food Chains to complete the construction of the Extinct Animal Zoo, with all of these items being earned through individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. When you complete the Zoo, you'll be able to look inside it to see the parts that you need to create the next extinct animal on the list.

Fossils can be earned once a day by tending the Extinct Animal Zoo, and obviously, the more animals you have inside (and the more variety of animals) the more likely that you'll receive a Fossil you actually need to create a new animal. You can also claim Fossils by clicking on your friends' news feeds when they share them on their walls, or by purchasing them outright with Farm Cash.

We'll have a complete list of the animals you can create in this Extinct Animal Zoo as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of this Extinct Animal Zoo? Have you been able to create any animals inside it thus far? Sound off in the comments!