FarmVille Caroling Village: Everything you need to know


If you like features like the Autumn Forest or Spooky Lane in FarmVille, you'll be happy to learn that a brand new feature has launched on the outskirts of our farms just in time for Christmas. This new feature is called Caroling Village, and it comes with 12 Challenges to complete over the next few weeks, each of which offers you a special prize upon completion. We're here with a complete look at finishing these 12 Caroling Village Challenges, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Challenge 1: Gather Supplies to Rebuild Caroling Village

  • Get 6 Coin Purses

  • Get 6 Accounting Sheets

  • Get 8 Fire Coals

The Coin Purses and Accounting Sheets can be earned by posting general requests to your news feed, while the Fire Coals are earned by sending requests directly to your neighbors. This entire Challenge can be completed using 48 Farm Cash, and the other Challenges can be skipped for Farm Cash as well. Obviously, this would end up being incredibly expensive once all is said and done, so there's no harm in just waiting for your friends to help you for free. When you complete this first Challenge, you'll receive a Scrooge Dodo bird.

Challenge 2: Invite Friends to Visit Caroling Village

  • Get 4 Friends to Visit

This task is easier than it seems, as your friends don't actually need to do anything other than accepting an individual request that you send their way (that is, they don't have to visit anything to actually help you out). You'll receive an Orphan Chipmunk for completing this second Challenge.

Challenge 3: Gather Haunted Knockers

  • Get 6 Haunted Knockers

Like the other Challenges, this one is inspired by A Christmas Carol, and the ghost of Marley. You'll need to earn the Haunted Knockers by posting a general news item to your feed, and you'll receive Marley's Ghost Cat for completing this particular Challenge.

Challenge 4: Gather Supplies

  • Get 4 Carol Candles

  • Get 6 Bed Robes

  • Get 6 Carol Slippers

The Carol Candles can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed, while the Bed Robes and Carol Slippers are earned via individual requests sent directly to neighbors. Luckily, the Carol Slippers can also be earned by collecting them from friends' news posts, as they're the free "share" item that can be posted for completing Challenges 1-3. When you finish Challenge 4, you'll receive a Tree of Christmas Past.

Challenge 5: Invite Friends to Visit

  • Get 4 Friends to Join You

As before, these four friends can be earned by sending individual requests directly to them. You'll receive a Fezziwig Hippo animal for completing this Challenge.

Challenge 6: Get Candle Extinguishers

  • Get 8 Candle Extinguishers

These Extinguishers can be earned by posting a general request to your news feed, so make sure you post these sorts of requests often as possible to save time. This is especially important in this particular series, as its Challenges and prizes won't be around forever. When you finish Challenge 6, you'll receive Bell the Mink.

Challenge 7: Invite Friends to Visit

  • Get 5 Friends to Join You

You've completed this task before, so just send out more individual requests to finish off this seventh Challenge. We've made it past the halfway mark of this large event, so don't give up now! Completing this Challenge gives you a Caroling Sheep.

Challenge 8: Gather Supplies

  • Get 4 Holly Wreaths

  • Get 6 Cornucopias

  • Get 6 Feast Food

As with the Carol Slippers above, the Feast Food can be earned by either sending out requests directly to friends or collecting them from news feed posts as your friends finish Challenges 4-7. As for the Cornucopias, these are only earned via individual requests, and the Holly Wreaths are earned via a general news feed post on your wall. When you complete this Challenge, you'll earn a Christmas Present Cow.

Challenge 9: Gather Dining Room Setups

  • Get 8 Dining Room Setups

These Setups are earned by posting a general news item to your feed asking all of your neighbors to help. When you finish this stage, you'll receive Cratchit's Home for your farm.

Challenge 10: Invite Friends to Visit

  • Get 5 Friends to Join You

These friends are earned through another batch of individual requests sent directly to your neighbors, and for finishing off this installment, you'll receive a Christmas Future Pig for your farm.

Challenge 11: Collect Spectre Smoke

  • Get 10 Spectre Smoke

This Spectre Smoke is earned by posting a general request to your news feed. When you finish this second to last Challenge, you'll receive a Dark Christmas Tree for use on one of your farms.

Challenge 12: Gather Supplies to Rebuild Caroling Village

  • Get 8 Christmas Casseroles

  • Get 7 Christmas Carols

  • Get 10 Christmas Spirits

These three items are earned through a combination of general news feed posts and individual friend requests, with the Christmas Spirits being available through both individual requests and your friends news feed posts. These Spirits are earned as prizes for completing Challenges 9-11 up to this point. For completing this final Challenge, you'll receive a Cheerful Scroogicorn for your farm.

Remember, this event won't be available forever, so you'll need to work fast at the beginning of each stage to pass it in time. Good luck!

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