CityVille 'Holiday Arrival' Goals: Everything you need to know


Santa is on his way to our towns in CityVille for another year of holiday cheer, and the game's Christmas event has started with the introduction of Mrs. Claus, who needs some help getting the place ready for the arrival of Santa himself. There are there goals to complete in this new Holiday Arrival series, and we're here with a look at how to get started, thanks to the CityVille WIki! Let's get started!

Holiday Arrival

  • Harvest 50 Candy Canes

  • Collect from 20 Neighborhoods

  • Collect from 40 Fashion Businesses

The Candy Canes take 22 hours to grow, so you might want to use some Greenhouses to plant all of them at once while also saving space in your town. As for the Fashion Businesses, these are options like the Perfume Shop, Swimwear Shop, Cosmetic Store and more. There are three pages of qualifying items in the game's store, and most of them are really cheap to purchase. When you finish this first goal of three, you'll receive 50,000 coins and three energy.

Winter Splendor

  • Ask neighbors for 18 Snowflakes

  • Collect from 50 Neighbors' Homes

  • Collect from 20 Locomotive Lori Routes

The Snowflakes are earned via a general news post on your wall, while the Locomotive Lori train route takes eight hours to return and 600 coins to start. For completing this second goal, you'll receive 300 XP and 2,500 Goods.

Holiday Party

  • Harvest 50 Mistletoe

  • Collect from 40 Restaurant Businesses

  • Collect 40 Tree Toppers

The Mistletoe takes 16 hours to grow. Meanwhile, the Tree Toppers can be collected from Community Buildings, so make sure to tend as many as you have every day to stock up fast. For finishing this final goal, you'll receive a Holiday Landing Pad for your town. This Holiday Landing Pad is a community building that allows for 1,790 extra citizens to live in your town.

While players can already complete this set of three "Holiday Arrival" goals, they're also encouraged to purchase the Holiday Tree early, before it unlocks for everyone else. This Holiday Tree comes bundled with snow-covered buildings, two new holiday goals and a free Mistletoe Manor at a price of 120 City Cash. Purchasing early access to the Holiday Tree is entirely voluntary, but it's something to keep in mind if you want extra time to collect Christmas gifts within it. Good luck!

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What do you think of these first three goals in CityVille's holiday event for this year? Will you purchase early access to the Holiday Tree, or will you just wait for it to roll out for free? Sound off in the comments!