Britney Spears Look-Alike Michaela Weeks Earned Almost Half A Million Dollars

Michaela Weeks, Britney Spears look-alike.
Michaela Weeks, Britney Spears look-alike.

Some are blessed with the come-hither eyes and powerful voice boxes to become global pop sensations. Others are blessed with facial features uncannily like global pop sensations -- like Michaela Weeks, who has earned 300,000 pounds ($483,000) as a Britney Spears impersonator, reports British newspaper, The Sun.

Like Spears, Michaela started her performing career at age 16, when she entered a look-alike competition. The 24-year-old former waitress lost, the newspaper says, but was invited back the following year -- when she won her category, and was soon signed to several agencies and performing a tribute act around the world.