Party Place is Zynga's answer to The Sims on iOS


While The Ville may have fallen short of Zynga's longterm expectations due to legal issues with EA, the social game developer has released a similar title on mobile called Party Place. Gamezebo has discovered that the game is only available to download in Canada as of this writing, but here's a quick preview of what you can expect when the game launches here in the U.S.

Party Place allows players to create an avatar of their own design with limited customization options in terms of hair, clothing, eye color and so on. From there, the game mixes home design with character interaction as players throw parties and cause "drama" between friends. Using items in one's home will allow energy to be spent or earned, and drama can be either good or bad, depending on the situation.

The game has plenty of level-locked content, encouraging continued play and the game is monetized through a cash and coin system, where cash can be spent to purchase coin bundles in bulk, for instance. We'll have a complete look at Party Place in the near future, but if you have access to a Canadian iTunes account, you can now download the game for free and try it for yourself.

Click here to download Party Place on iTunes (in Canada) >

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