Yet another falls: Mafia Wars 2 gets whacked December 30

Mafia Wars 2 shuts downThe death bell tolls once more. Zynga has announced that Mafia Wars 2 will be no more come Dec. 30. Of course, this is more than likely due to the fact that the sequel to the iconic Mafia Wars has just 280,000 monthly and a paltry 20,000 daily players. As with its spate of recent closures, Zynga offers MW2 players a compensation package in its better-performing games.

If players opt to receive the package, they can choose for it to be sent to their game board in CastleVille, ChefVille, FarmVille 2, Mafia Wars or YoVille. (As displayed in the image below that all players see before logging into the game.) However, players can only receive one package in one game, and that's it--no more packages for you. It's sad to see Mafa Wars 2 go, but honestly, it had a poor start to begin with.
Mafia Wars 2 closesThis is just one of the 13 games that Zynga warned would hit the chopping block a while back. There's no doubt it must be a bummer for these developers to see their projects go to waste, but it makes sense to repurpose resources given the state of Zynga. While we can't put a finger on why exactly the sequel to Mafia Wars 2 failed to catch on, we're sure the players can.

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