FarmVille White Holiday Items: Everything you need to know


While December may be full of thoughts of Christmas and holidays, there's still plenty of room for snow in our lives this month, which is where the new "White Holiday" item theme in FarmVille comes in. This theme is full of white, grey and even pale blue items that scream of snow and winter, along with a few that offer some color along with the snow and ice. We're here with a look at the currently available items. Let's get started!


Orange Icicle Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Blizzard Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Rainbow Snowflake Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Snowman Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Sparkling Snowball Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Frosted Wreath Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Frosty Bell Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Holiday Corn Tree - 6 Farm Cash


Expedition Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Silver Bell Sheep - 15 Farm Cash
Frostycorn - 30 Farm Cash
Ice Skating Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Ice Cube Pig - 15 Farm Cash
Snowball Pig - 15 Farm Cash

Abominable Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Ski Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Wreath Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Silver Stag - 12 Farm Cash
Ice Diamond Horse - 26 Farm Cash


Winter Firepit - 5 Farm Cash
Dancing Snow Lady - 15 Farm Cash
Snowflake Clocktower - 15 Farm Cash
Snow Fall - 5 Farm Cash
Sparkling Snowballs - 1 Farm Cash
Ice Sculpture Swan - 5 Farm Cash
Snow Angel Duck - 10 Farm Cash
Snowman Fence - 50,000 coins
Ice Flowerbed - 20,000 coins
Frosted Wind Mill - 5 Farm Cash
Frosty Planters - 50,000 coins

These items will be available for either seven or 11 days each, depending on the item. It's unlikely that additional items will be released in this White Holiday theme before all is said and done, but if Zynga surprises us and releases more, we'll make sure to let you know. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of these White Holiday items in FarmVille? Will you purchase any of them for use on your new Mistletoe Lane farm, or are you decorating for Christmas on another farm altogether? Sound off in the comments!