FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Chapter 5 Goals: Everything you need to know


The Mistletoe Lane storyline has progressed in FarmVille this evening as a series of six new goals has been released in the farm's Chapter 5 goal series. These goals will be available for the next week, and you'll need to work and plan ahead as much as you can along the way to stand the best chance of finishing all six goals in time. We're here with a complete guide to completing these goals, thanks in part to Zynga.

Post Haste

  • Get 6 Post Whistles

  • Harvest 50 Winter Grain

  • Craft Hot Mint Chocolate 2 Times

For this Post Whistles task, and all other tasks that ask you to gather a specific number of a collectible item, you'll need to ask your friends to send them to you via a general news post placed on your wall. As for the Winter Grain, this crop takes a full day to grow, so feel free to use an Insta-Grow potion if you'd like to make some fast progress without waiting. Finally, the Hot Mint Chocolate can be crafted in the Patisserie using two Choco Mint, two Winter Grain and two Peppermint Bushels each. You'll receive 150 XP, a Baby King Penguin and 3,000 coins for completing this first goal. As a helpful tip, you'll want to place that Penguin in an animal storage building, or at least harvest it every time it's ready, as you'll need those mastery points for a goal later on.

Letter Labors

  • Get 8 Letter Grabbers

  • Harvest 75 Potatornaments

  • Make Holiday Stew 3 Times

The Holiday Stew can be cooked inside the Patisserie using two Potatornament, two Flint Corn and two Tomato bushels each. If you've already reached Level 2 of the Patisserie upgrades, you'll have access to at least three empty stations at once, so make sure you're crafting all three of these Holiday Stews at once to save time. Speaking of saving time, the Potatornaments take 12 hours to grow, so feel free to plant them while you're also waiting for the Winter Grain to grow in order to save time. You'll earn 200 XP, a Frozen Snowfall Tree, and 3,500 coins for completing this goal.

Post by Pony

  • Get 8 Mail Saddles

  • Harvest 125 Flint Corn

  • Make Holiday Cookies 2 Times

The Flint Corn takes a full day to grow, so make sure to plant it as soon as possible, even if you plant it before ever reaching this particular goal. If you do plan on planting these crops ahead of time, you'll also want to make sure that you don't let the Corn wither because you planted it too early. Whatever the case, you can craft the Holiday Cookies inside the Patisserie using one Winter Grain, two Cider Apple and two Sugar Cane Bushels each. Completing this goal gives you 250 XP, an Express Pony and 4,000 coins.

Synthetic Seasons

  • Get 8 Fake Snows

  • Harvest 150 Chocomint

  • Make Holiday Pudding 2 Times

The Chocomint takes 16 hours to grow, so this is another time where it might be smart to plant two crops at the same time. In

this case, you can plant the Flint Corn and the Chocomint at the same time, and will hopefully have fully grown Chocomint as soon as you're ready to start this particular goal. As for the Holiday Pudding, this is one of the first recipes available in the Patisserie, and it requires one Winter Squash, two Cider Apple and two Coffee Bushels for a single batch. After you complete this goal, you'll receive 300 XP, a Holiday Post Office decoration and 4,500 coins.

Trail Mail

  • Get 9 Sparkle Ribbons

  • Harvest 175 Frost Holly

  • Master Baby King Penguin to 1-Star

As we said earlier, harvesting the Baby King Penguin should have become a secondary priority for your daily gameplay, as you'll need to earn at least a single Mastery Star on this animal to complete this goal. As for the Frost Holly, this crop takes two full days to grow, so if you've held back any Insta-Grow potions, this would definitely be an appropriate time to use one. If not, you might want to plant this crop back when you're planting the Chocomint above in order to save time in the long run. After you complete this goal, you'll receive 350 XP, a Cuddlesome Cub, and 5,000 coins.

Not-So-Polar Express

  • Get 10 Holiday Saddles

  • Harvest 200 Wax Beans

  • Make Hot Mint Chocolate 3 Times

This goal series ends where it began, as you'll need to craft even more Hot Mint Chocolate in your Patisserie. As a reminder, this recipe requires two Chocomint, two Winter Grain and two Peppermint Bushels to craft. For the final crop task in this entire series, you'll need to plant the Wax Beans, which take 16 hours to grow. If you can complete this final goal within the seven days available to you, you'll receive 400 XP, a Holiday Express Horse and 5,500 coins.

If you happen to finish all of these goals with plenty of time left on the clock, you can start them over again for additional prizes. This definitely isn't required though, so don't drive yourself crazy to earn these duplicate prizes--I know I won't. Good luck finishing these goals at least once.

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What do you think of the prizes and requirements for these Chapter 5 goals in FarmVille's Mistletoe Lane? Do you think you'll have enough time to finish all of them before they expire? Which ones can you see being hard to complete? Let us know in the comments!

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