FarmVille: Beat Mistletoe Lane for a free shipping license


When the Mistletoe Lane Storage Transfer License was released in FarmVille a few weeks ago, we made a prediction that we would eventually see a free method to earning this storage transfer license released in the future, and that time is now. If you've been working on finishing all of the tasks present within Mistletoe Lane, from the Holiday Town Square to the Animal Workshop and beyond, your work is about to pay off, as seen below.

The Mistletoe Lane storage transfer license comes via the "Beat Mistletoe Lane" task, which requires players to complete the following tasks:

We've created guides for completing all four of these tasks, so make sure to check out the links above for more information. If you can finish any of these individual tasks, you'll receive small rewards like Cheer Points, Turbo Chargers and even Instant Grow applications. Once you finish all four, you'll receive the Mistletoe Lane Shipping License, along with a "Beat Mistletoe Lane" trophy to show off to all of your friends that visit your Mistletoe Lane farm into the future.

If you've yet to complete any of these four requirements, don't worry about rushing, as this License should be available for quite some time (even permanently) into the future. If we find out differently, we'll make sure to let you know. Good luck beating Mistletoe Lane in your own game!

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What do you think of the requirements for this free shipping license in Mistletoe Lane? How many of these four tasks have you already completed? Sound off in the comments!