ChefVille One for the Kiddies Catering Order: Everything you need to know


If you've already finished the Birthday Ball catering order in ChefVille and are ready to start another challenge, you're now welcome to complete a second catering order in the "Birthday Parties!" chapter. This second order is called "One for the Kiddies," and it comes with a final prize of two Birthday Tables for completing its five steps within two days.

This order asks you to complete the following steps:

  • Cook 50 Hamburgers

  • Cook 8 Cheese Pizzas

  • Cook 5 Meat Lover's Pizzas

  • Cook 20 Veggie Dishes

  • Collect 45 Milk

The Hamburgers are cooked on the Grill using one Sirloin Beef and one Wheat Bread each. It takes just 45 seconds to cook, so at least it's not a time consuming dish, but reaching 50 servings won't be easy. Thankfully, you can bring up to five of your friends in on this order with you, so make sure to ask some of your most active neighbors for help.

As for the Cheese Pizzas, they are available to cook on the Brick Oven using one Dough and one Mozzarella each. The Meat Lover's Pizzas also require Dough, but that dish is cooked on the Party Platter Station using two Doughs, two Tomato Sauces and three Salami each. This pizza takes five minutes to cook.

Moving on, the Veggie Dishes task can be fulfilled by cooking any combination of Caprese Salads, Stuffed Mushrooms or Broccoli and Dip. Caprese Salads take five Tomatoes, one Mozzarella, two Pepper and five minutes to cook, while Stuffed Mushrooms take seven Mushrooms and one Mozzarella to prepare over two minutes of cooking time. Finally, the Broccoli and Dip can be prepared on the Salad Station using one Broccoli and one Ranch Dressing each.

The final task in this event requires you to collect 45 Milk from the Milk Truck, which is only available for collection every six minutes. This makes your friends' help even more valuable, as you would need to play the game constantly in order to collect the Milk each time it's ready on your own, and that's definitely not very entertaining over the long term. Still, we wish you the best of luck in completing this goal in its Gold Medal, two-day time limit!

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What do you think of this second Catering Order in ChefVille? Were you able to finish the first order within its two day time limit? If not, will you try to finish this order within two days for Gold? Sound off in the comments!