CityVille: Celebrate the game's second birthday with prizes all day long


It's officially CityVille's second birthday on Facebook, and to celebrate, Zynga has turned the game's Facebook fan page into a freebie zone, offering free homes, Bonus Crew members and much more to players that are following along. We're here with a breakdown of the items that have already been released, just in case you missed any.

First things first, the Jolly Apartments are also being given away via the game's forums, and you can click right here to claim your own. These apartments can be found in your inventory, and they take 12 energy to build. Once built, they offer 900 citizens to your town, and can be upgraded to 1,800 citizens over time via random population drops.

Here are some other links to claim the rest of your free goodies!

Two Free Bonus Crew >

Two Free Car Couplings for the Monorail >

Five Free Zoning Permits >

Three Free Ribbon Shears for the Anniversary Gifts >

The game's Facebook fan page seems to give away an item every two hours or so, so if you've never followed along with the fan page before, today is definitely the day to start. These links likely won't remain active for long, so make sure to claim all of your free goodies while they're still available!

Play CityVille on now >

What sorts of prizes do you hope Zynga gives away as part of CityVille's second birthday blowout? Sound off in the comments!