Zynga launches Toys for Tots campaign across Words with Friends, Draw Something


Over the past few days, we've been taking an in-depth look at the Toys for Tots campaign across Zynga's many Facebook and mobile games. While we've already seen how the promotion has taken shape in FarmVille, CityVille and CastleVille, today two of Zynga's mobile games get in on the act as well. In both Draw Something and Words with Friends, players can now support the Toys for Tots campaign through outright donations.

In Words with Friends, players interested in donating can text one of two keywords to a specific number in order to donate either $5 or $10. Texting keyword TOTS to 501501 will see the player automatically donating $5, while texting the keyword GIFT to the same number will donate $10.

The promotion in Draw Something is almost identical, as texting the keyword TOYS to 501501 will donate $5 and texting JOY will donate $10.

Both of these promotions are available throughout the entire month of December, with these donations being added to each participant's mobile phone bill or deducted from a prepaid balance. Neither of these games come with actual in-game promotions or rewards for donating, but hopefully, the knowledge that 100% of each donation price will go straight to the Toys for Tots campaign is reward in and of itself.

Zynga is going to roll out even more Toys for Tots promotions over the coming days, so keep checking back with us for more on how you can help out!

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What do you think of these two straightforward promotions across Zynga's mobile games? Have you already donated to Toys for Tots through another Zynga promotion, or will you do so here? Sound off in the comments!