FarmVille Sneak Peek: Is the lost city of Atlantis FarmVille's next big thing?

While most FarmVille players are happy to spend their time working on the game's many Christmas related features this month, Zynga is already looking ahead. Take this potential new farm expansion for the game, for instance. The developer has issued a survey for FarmVille fans concerning a new underwater Atlantis farm to find out what the community thinks of the idea.

The survey is available via the official FarmVille Fan Page on Facebook, and it comes with concept art for some of the items that we could expect to find in an underwater farm (seen above). This leads us to believe that the survey is more of a preview than anything, as it's unlikely Zynga would pour this many resources into creating Atlantean items only to scrap them if the survey answers turned negative.

Still, the survey asks players how interested players are in an Atlantis-themed farm, as well as about technicalities concerning underwater play. That is, would we like to see all kinds of trees and animals in this underwater world, or should the game limit the use of land items, as that's simply not realistic? You can find the complete survey by clicking right here, and stay tuned to find out whether this Atlantean farm becomes anything more than a preview.

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What do you think of the idea of a new farm set in the Lost City of Atlantis? Sound off in the comments!
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