CityVille Winter Trees: Everything you need to know


Over the summer, CityVille players were introduced to the National Park feature and a series of nine trees that were available to collect for their cities. Now that the seasons have changed, the National Park feature has been updated as well, offering a new set of nine Winter Trees that can be collected by gathering all new "building materials." While all of the summer / fall trees are still available, the Winter Trees have taken priority right now, and we're here with a complete list of these new trees, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

There are nine trees to collect in all, along with a special 10th prize for those that collect one of each of the original nine trees. You can either earn these trees by asking your friends to send you building materials (Snow Sprinklers, for instance), or you can purchase them outright with City Cash. If you choose to purchase them, here are there prices:

Holly Tree - 5 City Cash
Winterberry Tree - 10 City Cash
Red Chokeberry Tree - 40 City Cash
Snowy Sourwood Tree - 5 City Cash
Snow Red Maple Tree - 10 City Cash
Snowy Dogwood Tree - 40 City Cash
Fir Elise Tree - 5 City Cash
Snowy Cedar Tree - 10 City Cash
Snow Pine Tree - 40 City Cash

Each tree requires Snow Sprinklers and Winter Fertilizer to grow, with the Snow Sprinklers coming directly from friends. The Winter Fertilizers, meanwhile, are earned by collecting from "Winter Trees" buildings in the store. There are only five buildings that count in this feature so far, and only two of those go for coins. The Frigid Retreat home adds 800 citizens to your town for a price of 600,000 coins, while the Snowed In Cabin costs 50,000 coins and adds 240 citizens to your town. Other items range in price from 59 to 149 City Cash, so feel free to only purchase multiples of the coin items to earn Winter Fertilizer completely for free.

If you manage to collect at least one of each of the nine trees above, you'll also receive a Wildwood Growth Tree as a final reward. Good luck!

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What do you think of these Winter Trees? Were you ever able to complete the Summer / Fall tree collections, or are you still working on those as well? Let us know in the comments!