U.S. Drought Spreads on Warmer November Weather

Tractor in field on farm
Tractor in field on farm

Warmer, drier weather prevailed in the areas most affected by the ongoing U.S. drought. To compound the problem, little relief is in sight, at least in the near term.

The western half of the U.S. experienced above-normal temperatures, while eastern states have seen temperatures at or below normal. Moisture, however, has been scarce everywhere.

Wet weather in the Northwest and into the Northern Rockies has helped that area somewhat, but snowpack has contained little water.

In the Midwest dry weather has continued and the outlook for the next two to three months calls for more of the same.

Rain and snow, sometimes heavy, will continue in the Northwest and Northern Rockies, but continuing warm and dry weather is the pattern for most of the rest of the country.

In it's latest forecast on fiscal year 2013 agricultural exports, the U.S. Department of Agriculture projects a record $145 billion in crop exports for the year. Some of that increase is surely attributable to the impact on production from the continuing U.S. drought.

More information is available at the U.S. Drought Monitor.

Paul Ausick

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