Atari celebrates Pong's 40th anniversary with Pong World on iOS

Pong World iOS
Pong World iOS

Most other companies would ring in the anniversary of their most recognizable franchise with perhaps a contest and an HD rehash of the original game in the series. Atari has some of those bases covered, but it decided to go the extra mile to celebrate Pong's 40th year of existence with a Guinness World Record attempt and, more importantly, a brand new Pong game.

Pong World, the winner of Atari's Pong Indie Developer Challenge, is by indie studio zGames (which won $50,000 for creating a interesting-looking take on the arcade classic). It's a free-to-play game that takes the basics of Pong and introduces more modern features, like customizable Pong paddle creatures, four different types of stages, three play modes and more.

Sure, some of you will say that there's no need to change a good thing (while waving your cane). But look, you can play the original Pong on your calculator at this point. It's 2012. It's time to try something different already. Check out Pong World in the video below to see whether it's for you, and if it so happens to be, enjoy living in 2012 like the rest of us.

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