There's trouble amidst in Ponyville, and Gameloft's working on it

My Little Pony bug
My Little Pony bug

Apparently, simply too many people like My Little Pony on iOS and Android. According to Kotaku, the game suffers from a bug that renders it unplayable for those that have received too many gifts from friends in the form of treasure chests. It seems that the community for My Little Pony is so successful that many players have hundreds of in-game friends, which developer Gameloft didn't initially account for.

Unfortunately, that has led to players' games being overloaded with treasure chests, thus crashing the game. But Gameloft has a plan: Simply limit the amount of treasure chests that players can receive per day. The magic number is 100, and this change will come in the next update, though no time frame was given on when exactly that update will land.

But will this change affect the hardest of the core My Little Pony players (i.e. the bronies)? If you ask us, hardly. A whopping 100 treasure chests is more than enough to sate a player. Besides, don't you people of other things to do, like watch My Little Pony re-runs or something?

[Image Credit: Kotaku]

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