The first Final Fantasy social game, Airborne Brigade, looks just precious

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade
Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

Remember when those lucky ducks in Japan got a hold that adorable Final Fantasy Brigade earlier this year? Well, it's done so well across the Pacific that DeNA and Square Enix have announced that it's headed to North America. Known here as Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, the free-to-play mobile social game will be released shortly on iOS and Android in the U.S. and Canada.

According to a release, Airborne Brigade players travel through a highly stylized world inspired by the Final Fantasy games that have released on consoles. Each player rides an airship and forms groups called airborne brigades to take on powerful (but not very scary) bosses to level up through various quest regions. As players level up, they'll gain abilities and collect items featured in previous Final Fantasy games.

Given that it's a social game, we imagine players will work together or compete in some ways as well. If you're interested in pre-registering to be alerted about the game as soon as it hits iOS and Android, click on the link below. Chances are you'll be happy you did, as pre-registering nets you a special, three-month exclusive Cloud card to help during boss battles. Though, he looks considerably less dangerous these days.

Click here to Pre-register for Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade on iOS and Android Now >

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