CityVille 2 Winter Items: Everything you need to know


While CityVille 2 players likely already have bustling cities full of homes, businesses and more, Zynga's newest city-building game has been updated with a series of four new limited edition items that will help add more personality and even a touch of the Christmas spirit to your towns. Here's a complete breakdown to the four items that are now available to purchase.

Holiday Palm Tree

  • Costs: 40 Keys

  • Adds 350 to Population Maximum

Snowy Rock

  • Costs: 14 Keys

  • Adds 65 to Population Maximum

Bubbles Ice Sculpture

  • Costs: 36 Keys

  • Adds 315 to Population Maximum

Snow Pond

  • Costs: 28 Keys

  • Adds 135 to Population Maximum

All of these items are available to purchase for the next 12 days, and you can find them by heading into the store and then clicking on the "New" tab under "Specials." It's definitely possible that more limited edition items will be released in the game between now and the actual Christmas holiday, so stay tuned for more!

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What do you think of these new limited edition items in CityVille 2? Does your town have room for any of these new items, or are you already running out of space? Sound off in the comments!