CityVille 2 'Reality Show' Quests: Everything you need to know


A new limited edition quest series has launched in CityVille 2, bringing a reality television show (and its host) to your city. There are six quests in this series in all, and they must be completed in the next two weeks before they expire. We're here with a look at how to get started in this quest series, thanks in part to LevelUpCity.

People in Glass Houses... Should Beware!

  • Place and Build 1 Cottage

  • Gain 15 Bricks

  • Craft 5 Glass

The Bricks can be earned by tending homes in your city or by asking your friends to send them to you outright. Meanwhile, the Glass must be crafted in Rosemary's Studio using three Bags of Sand and one Fuel each. A single Glass takes five minutes to prepare, so get started on one as fast as possible to save time. If you need extra Bags of Sand, they can be made in the Manufacturing Plant, while additional Fuels are created in the Auto Plant. For completing this quest, you'll receive 3 XP, 200 coins and one Citizen collectible for your town.

To Eat or Not to Eat?

  • Place and Build a Fast Food Restaurant

  • Gain 6 Mystery Meats

  • Craft 2 Hammers

Fast Food Restaurants cost 2,800 coins in the store and provide 370 coins when ready. They also require Blue Trucks to stock, so keep that in mind. Meanwhile, Hammers can be crafted inside Rosemary's Studio using two Spare Parts and two Scrap Metal each. The Spare Parts can be earned by collecting from Tropical Mansions and Bungalows while the Scrap Metal is earned through the Manufacturing Plant.

Extreme Holiday Shopping

  • Ask friends for Sale Circulars

  • Place Chainlink Fences

  • Pull 10 Citizens to Safety

To ask for Sale Circulars, you may have to either ask friends directly or through a general News Feed post. Either way, the quest window will prompt. Do this before placing the Chain Link Fences or pulling the citizens to safety (both of which prompted in the quest window) to save time.

I Think We Can, I Think We Can

  • Collect Soda from the Grocery Store

  • Visit 4 Friends

  • Click on 5 Friends' Houses

If you're already having difficulty getting your friends' cities to load due to the game's slow performance (and 3D graphics), you can visit some lower-level and lower-population cities in order to tend their houses. As for the Grocery Store task, this particular building can be purchased in the store for 1,200 coins. It costs a Blue Truck to stock and gives off 300 coins in profits when finished.

Forgot About Tre?

  • Craft 2 Shopping Carts

  • Ask friends for 5 Bicycle Helmets

  • Build 8 Roads

Ask friends for the five Bicycle Helmets first in respect of time. As for the Shopping Carts, check Rosemary's Studio first. Each piece of road costs 60 coins to purchase, but if your city is out of room for all of those new pieces, feel free to delete the road sections that you currently have and purchase eight new pieces to replace them.

May Cause Severe Happiness

  • Craft Tofu

  • Build 10 Sidewalks

  • Gain 2 Sunshine

The Tofu can be crafted inside Rosemary's Studio using one Recyclables and one Granola. As for the Sunshine, this collectible can be earned by tending houses that sit next to Gazebos or in Florists. We'll make sure to update this space when we learn more about completing these quests, but for now, good luck finishing them in your own town.

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