See the Spartacus season premiere two days early, if you beat this game

Spartacus: Battle for Nuceria
Spartacus: Battle for Nuceria

The gamification of TV shows has reached a whole new level. Starz and developer AndCo have teamed up to craft Spartacus: Battle for Nuceria, a social game centered around the upcoming season of Spartacus: War of the Damned. Located on its own microsite and with support for Facebook and Twitter accounts, Battle for Nuceria will be fans' way of seeing the season premiere of Spartacus two days ahead of its Jan. 25 debut on Starz.

Of course, to get their, the collective Spartacus fan base will have to complete missions comprised of entertaining little mini games that help accumulate points for the entire community while advance their own standing within the community. For instance, if you hold the high score in Episode 1 (there are six in all), a slashing game much like Fruit Ninja, you could stand to gain exclusive prizes like replicas of props from the show, movie tickets for a year and more.

However, what that also will do is contribute to the overall points that the community earns toward making it so the premiere episode releases two days early. Players can also contribute via The Hypogeum, an iOS app that lets players check into locations, earn rewards and unlock new missions to move up in the ranks.

In short, this is your chance to see the new Spartacus two days before it's scheduled to air. (We're also told this is a first for TV shows and games.) Confused? Learn all you need to know via the link below:

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