CityVille Toys for Tots Goals: Everything you need to know

As part of Zynga's ongoing Toys for Tots campaign, mayors in CityVille can now build a variety of themed Christmas goodies and build virtual toys to help kids back in the real world. There are six different "Toys for Tots" items currently available to purchase in the store with real money, along with a set of three goals that are specific to this event. Obviously, if you have no interest in purchasing items and donating, these goals won't be for you, but if you're ready to spread the cheer this holiday season, we're here with a guide to finishing these goals, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Toys for Tots
  • Buy & Place a Toy Crafters or Elf Workshop
  • Craft 10 Toys for Kids in Need
  • Harvest 10 Strawberries

Both the Toy Crafters and Elf Workshop buildings are community buildings that are exclusive to this event. Toy Crafters adds 1,500 citizens to your town's maximum allowance, while the Elf Workshop adds 3,000. The Toy Crafters building is available to purchase for $2, while the Elf Workshop is available for $5. Neither of these are available as City Cash purchases, so you will need to invest new money into the game to have them.

Once you purchase one, you can start collecting materials to craft toys. Each toy requires pieces of Molding and pieces of Plastic to create, with Molding coming from community buildings in your town and Plastic coming from businesses. If you choose to work on, and complete this goal, you'll receive 300,000 coins and five Zoning Permits.

That's a Wrap!
  • Buy & Place Classic Toys or Toy Boutique
  • Wrap 15 Gifts
  • Get 15 Holiday Cards

The Classic Toys business can be purchased for a $5 donation to Toys for Tots, while the Toy Boutique (another business) costs $10. To wrap toys, you'll first need to craft toys using the Molding and Plastic above, and will then need to collect Gift Wrap by collecting from any residences in your town. You can also buy some outright via another contribution to the Toys for Tots campaign. Finishing this second goal gives you 400,000 coins and 500 Premium Goods.

Eye Candy
  • Send 5 Trains to Deliver Goods
  • Improve 10 Asphalt Roads with Candy Sidewalks
  • Harvest Neighbor Residences

For this final goal, you'll be required to purchase pieces of Candy Sidewalks, which are available in the store for just 25 coins each. You'll also need to send trains, so make sure to have some extra Goods on hand to account for those that you'll have to get rid of to complete this goal. When you finish this Toys for Tots series of goals in CityVille, you'll receive the Toy Monument, a decoration that will allow you to forever remember your good deed(s), even after this promotion has come and gone for everyone else. Good luck completing these goals if you decide to donate!

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What do you think of these Toys for Tots items and goals in CityVille? Will you donate to Toys for Tots in order to complete these goals? Which item(s) did you decide to purchase? Let us know in the comments!
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