ChefVille Soiree Sashay Quest: Everything you need to know


As part of ChefVille's new catering event, a woman named Pippa has been introduced to our restaurants, and she's bringing a Catering Truck and a Party Platter Station along with her. This comes via a single quest called "Soiree Sashay," and we're here with a look at how to finish it off! Let's get started!

Soiree Sashay

  • Place the Catering Truck in your Restaurant

  • Place and Finish the Party Platter Station

  • Start a Catering Order!

First things first, the Catering Truck can be placed anywhere on your land, including on grass or inside your restaurant. It's unfortunately quite large, and serves no other purpose than allowing you to jump into the Catering feature's menu. As for the Party Platter Station, this is a new appliances that allows you to create appetizers, but only after you buy and build it first. You'll need to purchase the Party Platter Station for 500 coins, and must "unwrap" it with three clicks.

After that point, you'll need to collect four Silver Serving Trays, four Party Picks and four Dainty Doilies to finish the Station's construction. The Party Picks and Dainty Doilies can be earned via general news posts on your wall, while the Silver Serving Trays must be earned by asking your friends to send them to you individually. Completing this appliance unlocks six new dishes that are available for cooking immediately. Each has its own set of three mastery stars, giving your restaurant a boost if you immediately start to cook them.

Finally, the only Catering Order to complete at the start of this event is the Birthday Ball, and you can begin it with a single click of a button. Finishing this quest gives you 30 XP, five Salami ingredients and will also unlock a new outfit for your character. This "Catering Outfit" is free in the store, and it can be worn immediately after it's unlocked. We'll make sure to let you know if additional Catering Quests are released aside from the Catering Orders themselves, so stay tuned!

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Have you already finished this quest in your game? Are you happy to have six more dishes to cook in your restaurant, or are you still trying to master all of the recipes that came before? Sound off in the comments!