ChefVille Birthday Ball Catering Order: Everything you need to know


While we've already brought you a detailed FAQ about the ChefVille Catering feature, we can now dive into much more detail with this new addition. The first Catering Order has finally rolled out in full to the game's millions of players, and it's called the Birthday Ball. You'll have just two days to finish its five tasks for a Gold Medal. The Birthday Ball requires you to do the following five things with five days available overall:

  • Buy 20 Decorations

  • Cook 40 Appetizers

  • Serve 6 Focaccia

  • Serve 25 Caprese Salad

  • Serve 12 Grilled Steak Paninis

While these tasks would be difficult to complete on your own, you can add five friends to your "crew" in order to share progress with them. Essentially, if you're familiar with Catering Orders in Cafe World, they work almost identically here. The decorations can be something cheap or expensive, and the easiest way to finish this task is to purchase 20 pieces of floor tile for 1 coin each, only to delete them after you've earned the checkmark for that particular task, seen below.

As for the 40 appetizers, you can cook three dishes on your various cooking appliances until you reach 40 in total. Cook Veggie Kebabs, Bruschetta or the Short Rib Plate, with the Short Rib Plate available via the new Party Platter Station appliance.

The Party Platter Station requires four Silver Serving Trays, four Party Picks and four Dainty Doilies to complete, with the Silver Serving Trays being earned through individual requests sent to neighbors. The other two items can be earned by posting general requests on your news feed. Once it's built, the Short Rib Plate takes four Sirloin Beef and five Flour to cook. It takes 10 minutes to prepare. Even though this dish (and the others in the Party Platter Station) is required for the Birthday Ball Catering Order, it can be cooked before and after completing it, as it has its own trio of mastery stars up for grabs.

Finally, the Focaccia is cooked on the Brick Oven, while the Caprese Salad can be prepared on the Salad Station. The Grilled Steak Panini is prepared on the Grill. Some of these dishes have incredibly long cooking times, making your friends an important part of completing these orders with the Gold Medal. Make sure you add some of your most active neighbors to your crew to stand the best chance. If you can complete these tasks within the first two days, you'll receive two Rainbow Balloon Archways as a prize.

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What do you think of this first Catering Order in ChefVille? Will you work on completing it for a Gold Medal, or are you skipping everything related to catering in the game? Sound off in the comments!