CastleVille Toys for Tots: Everything you need to know


While the Toys for Tots campaign in CityVille included a full three-part goal series, CastleVille players are allowed to donate to the cause in a much more casual way by simply purchasing up to three festive Christmas items for their Kingdom, with 100% of the purchase price going to help support Toys for Tots.

The three items available for purchase range in price from $1 to $15 US. A Festive Candy Cane costs just $1, while a Snow Villa costs $5. This Snow Villa is a home that can be taxed in your Kingdom for 2,200 coins each time. Finally, the Snow Tower rounds out the promotion at a price of $15. For that donation, players will receive a Royal Building worth 450 Castle Points that can be harvested for 3,600 coins long into the future.

Again, this promotion sees both Zynga and Facebook donating the full purchase price to the Toys for Tots campaign, so feel free to purchase more than one of these items if you really want to help out. If you happen to close the promotional window and decide to purchase items later, you can find these three items available under the Specials section of the game's market. If the CastleVille Toys for Tots feature expands in the future, we'll make sure to let you know. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of the items in this Toys for Tots promotion in CastleVille? Will you purchase any of these three items to donate to the campaign? Let us know in the comments!