Zynga Poker goes for grit, subtlety in this advertisement

Zynga Poker ad
Zynga Poker ad

Well, it's either that or Zynga's leading Facebook poker simulator just doesn't have a very large marketing budget. Spotted (and shot) by Kotaku, this is a shot of Zynga Poker ads that seem to have recently posted in New York City near its offices. You'd think with a game that's home to millions of daily players, Zynga would be interested in spending a bit more cash on marketing it.

But here we are, with Zynga Poker getting a plastering of poster ads on a wall somewhere in NYC. (Then again, maybe Zynga blew the budget on that enormous poker tournament.) We'll see whether the daily player numbers jump above 6.3 million in the new few days. But maybe a billboard would have been more ... effective to that end.

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