Writer Rumble is GameFly's punchy answer to Words With Friends

Writer Rumble
Writer Rumble

The hugely popular Words With Friends is often credited for pulling in millions of "non-gamers" into daily players. Now, game rental service GameFly wants to take that a step further through a publishing deal with developer Feel Every Yummy. Writer Rumble, the first iOS game published under GameFly, takes the ubiquitous word game genre in a refreshing, exciting direction.

Simply put, Writer Rumble is basically Street Fighter meets Boggle or Bookworm. Players choose combatants from a cast of literary figures like Edgar Allen Poe, Homer and Agatha Christie and go head-to-head in a spell-off. In this word warrior simulator, all of your attacks are performed through speed spelling, with larger words doing more damage to your opponent.

Of course, each character comes with special powers to mix things up in both a single-player campaign and online multiplayer. (As an added bonus, two players can duke it out dictionary-style on the same iPad, as if the two were playing an arcade fighter.) Writer Rumble is slated to hit iOS on Nov. 29 for $0.99, with an Android release soon to follow. And we hear that, if you spell the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, it's an instant kill.

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