FarmVille Toys for Tots Campaign: Everything you need to know


As part of Zynga's Christmas campaign with Toys for Tots, FarmVille farmers can now send their friends a Cheer Ewe Up Horse in order to receive a free tree for themselves in exchange. That's right, the Toys for Tots promotion is yet another in the long line of "give one, get one" features in FarmVille, and we're here with a quick rundown of how you can participate and donate to needy children.

Each Cheer Ewe Up Horse (a Ewe riding on the back of a Horse) costs $1 US, and you can send up to six at a time to your most helpful neighbors. Each time you open the promotion's window, a new set of six friends will be available to choose from, so feel free to keep refreshing the window until you find the friend(s) you want. If you send at least one Cheer Ewe Up Horse, you'll receive a free Holiday Teddy tree for your own farm.

As usual, a great way to deal with this event is to partner with a friend and exchange the Horses amongst yourself. In that way, you'll each receive a Horse and a Tree for the low, low price of $1. Of course, since this "Oh What Fun" promotion sees 100% of the purchase price being donated to Toys for Tots, you're free to purchase as many horses as you want to help those in need. This promotion won't be available forever though, so make sure to purchase as many horses as you want for friends while you still can.

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