FarmVille Shopping Personality Store: Everything you need to know


In FarmVille's long line of "this or that" features, we've seen players asking their friends a slew of questions revolving around their perfect pets, fashion sense or job ideas and now, yet another pair of buildings is available via the "Shopping Personality" feature. This feature sees players placing their very own "Personal Store" and completing a series of 12 stages to earn up to 24 prizes along the way. We're here with a complete guide to each stage and its prizes, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

The base of the Personal Store can be placed for free, and from there, you'll need to ask your friends to vote for one of two options for each stage, with each vote counting towards a prize. The first side (left or right) that reserves four votes corresponds to the prize that you'll win for that stage, and also helps change the final appearance of the building after all 12 stages. Here's a rundown of the prizes for each level of this event.

Stage 1: Independent Gnome or Diva Gnome

Stage 2: Free Shipping Bear or Shopping Bear

Stage 3: In and Out Hog or All Day Owl

Stage 4: On Sale Tree or New Arrival Tree

Stage 5: Use It Seal or Collector Seal

Stage 6: Mall Rat or Local Boutique

Stage 7: Classic Duck or Brand Name Duck

Stage 8: Coupon Tree or Gift Card Tree

Stage 9: Browsing Monkey or Shopper Tiger

Stage 10: Bulk Order Ostrich or Single Order Ostrich

Stage 11: Hanger Tree or Gadget Tree

Stage 12: Vintage Horse or Modern Horse

As usual, you can eliminate all "chance" from this event and receive just the items you wish to have by asking your friends to vote for a specific item when you post those requests on your wall. Hopefully, your friends are considerate enough to honor your wishes, but if not, you can complete this event a second time to earn the prizes that you didn't win the first time around. Good luck receiving them all!

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What do you think of the prizes in this Shopping Personality event? Which items are you going to ask your friends to help you win? Sound off in the comments!