FarmVille Cheery Realty: Everything you need to know


It seems to have become a tradition in FarmVille that new holidays or events bring with them a chance for players to build their very own "dream" buildings that fit in with those themes. We saw it with the Dream Haunted House during Halloween, and now we're seeing it again with the Cheery Realty building project for Christmas.

The Cheery Realty building is a decoration in and of itself on your farm, and within it, you'll be able to customize your perfect "home for the holidays" using one of three basic blueprints and then customizing it with all sorts of accessories. The only base model you'll have to start is the "Cheery Cottage," but you'll eventually unlock a Gingerbread House and Cheery Mansion if you finish the ones that came before.

Once you start the Cheery Cottage, each individual item you add to the home, from Christmas lights to snow on the roof, will add o the amount of building materials you'll need to actually finish it off. Even the base Cheery Cottage requires parts. You'll start with a requirement of seven Pinewood, 10 Snow and eight Decorators, and the required parts can only go up from there. Let's say you wanted to add Lights to the home's roof, along with snow piles on the roof and near the porch. Suddenly, you'd be required to earn five more Snow units along with 11 light units to create that new look.

Again, once you finish the Cheery Cottage, you'll unlock the Gingerbread House blueprint, and can complete the cycle all over again with different materials the decorations. Good luck completing one of all three designs before Christmas!

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What do you think of this Cheery Realty feature in FarmVille? After you design your perfect Cheery Cottage, how many building materials were you required to collect to make it real? Sound off in the comments!