CityVille Best of 2012: Purchase these items before your second chance disappears


It's a great coincidence that both CityVille's birthday and the end of the year fall so close to each other, as it gives Zynga twice the reason to celebrate. To end the year of 2012, and to celebrate the game's second anniversary on Facebook, Zynga has re-released a series of "Best of 2012" items to the game's store, giving players both new and old a chance to catch up on items they might have missed.

There are 12 pages full of these "Best of 2012" items, but unfortunately, every single one of them costs City Cash to purchase. They can be found by heading into the game's store and then choosing "Best of 2012" under the drop down menu at the left side of the screen.

The cheapest items as of right now are the Dubai Beach Resort, Italian Ice Parlor, and Nigel's Guitars, each of which cost 25 City Cash to purchase. On the other end, the most expensive item is the Lighthouse of Alexandria home which will set you back 180 City Cash. None of these items are "on sale," they've just been re-released into the game's store for those players that may have regretted not purchasing them before, or who may have not been playing when they were originally released.

Hopefully, this end of the year / second birthday celebration will see more items re-released in the store (but for coins this time), or at least some sales being offered on items that are currently available. If either ends up being the case, we'll make sure to let you know. Keep checking back with us!

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What do you think of this massive re-release of the "Best of 2012" items? Will you purchase any of these items, or did you purchase any you were interested in when they were first available in the store? Sound off in the comments!