Cantasia, a game about walking, talking cans, hits Facebook today


While that headline sinks for a few more moments, we'll tell you more about the Canimals. They're the cutesy cast of a South Korean animated cartoon known as Voozclub. Now, the Canimals have invaded the U.S. and abroad in a new Facebook game. The name Cantasia certainly fits: These things look like walking cans with faces painted on them.

We're not exactly sure of the appeal this will have in North America, but developer PlayPlus certainly hopes it will be vast. Not that we know much about what's generally defined as "cute", but it seems that South Korea and the U.S. has slightly different expectations of the word. At any rate, Cantasia is a city-building game mixed with a series of adorable mini games based on popular genres like match-3, bubble shooter and solitaire.
As players toy around in the world of Cantasia, they'll unlock various interactive activities and mini games by creating new structures. For instance, the "Canstagram" allows players to share screen shots with their fellow fans, while the Canimal Signage displays the game's leader boards for all to see.

Throw in some achievements and soon-to-come real-time multiplayer, and you have the trappings of a solid social game. The question, will players find a troupe of walking cans cute enough to come back? Decide for yourself through the link below:

Click here to play Cantasia on Facebook Now >

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